I’ve been treated by Michael a number of times and he has proven to be well trained in his occupation, as my hypnosis treatments have always proven to be successful. Since my sessions with Michael, I no longer feel the need to smoke. Without smoking in my life, my health has improved, I can train a lot harder, I’m saving money and my clothes don’t smell. Smoking controlled many facets of my life, but now I’m in control and I find that very liberating.     Mitchell Stanley Sydney
Michael the miracle man, i was chronic pot smoker  for most off my life totally dependant on it very day travelled the world on business which my agent made it happen where ever i was  nothing was going to change that untill my wife told me your family or your pot tried many times but failed untill i went to Michael 3 visits all over and the cost i would smoke in a week Michael saved my life with my family and career life is great thank you D.B. Coogee  
I suffered from anxiety in high pressure social situations, particularly at work, when I would have to present or speak. However, it was also beginning to affect my everyday life in some ways. After only 2 sessions with Michael, I feel incredibly calm in these situations. I have gained great confidence and no longer doubt myself. Overall, I would really recommend hypnotherapy for these sorts of problems. I’m incredibly happy with the results I’ve achieved, thanks to Michael. I feel so much more in control of my life now. I feel like a different person and I know that I am able to achieve my goals and excel in my career. Michael was very professional and friendly and was determined to assist me in my goals.
Ali Clemensha Marouba Sydney
I saw Michael for an anxiety issue I had and found the experience to be fulfilling and effective. I was able to sort out the problem and was given advice for controlling it, should it arise again. Now that the issue has been solved, I’m much happier.
Judy Nolan Wollongong

As someone who was over-weight and addicted to chocolate, I had tried many diets over many years with no success. After the hypnotherapy sessions with Michael, I was able to control my addiction to chocolate and my eating habits in general. I have lost 10 kilos since that time and I am continuing to eat well.


D.D., Cronulla

When I sat for my HSC last year, I was stressed out, unable to concentrate and experiencing exam anxiety. After hypnotherapy, my concentration improved, the anxiety left me and my exam was stress free.

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L.P., Matraville
loyal client

Since my childhood, I had a real problem when it came to swallowing tablets. After a few sessions with Michael, it stopped being a problem. Thankyou.

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A.T., Pagewood
happy client
I was a smoker for fifteen years. I had tried many times to give up without success until hypnotherapy. It works
J.B., Clovelly
Happy client
For quite a while, I was having trouble sleeping. I was under a lot of stress at the time, and was having trouble coping. My energy was low I was stressed out and becoming depressed. After three hypnotherapy sessions I was able to sleep through the night (which hadn’t happened for years), and my energy level is now high. I’m really grateful for the results I got from this therapy.
 A few months ago I went to see Michael Redmond for help with my problem of binge-eating which I was finding increasingly harder to control. I would habitually wake up most nights and head straight to the fridge, on auto-pilot, deliberately over-riding any conscious objections, then go back to bed with a full stomach and wake up feeling horrible. Michael helped me see why I behaved this way and how to regain control over my thoughts and actions. After three sessions of hypnotherapy I can honestly say the problem is gone, and what a relief to sleep solidly through each night and rise feeling rested and refreshed instead of sluggish and miserable.        
happy customer